Pay Me To Advertise On My Car

If you live on Earth, you have probably seen lots of cars that have various advertisements on. This is what we call car advertising, and it has been used for years by companies that wanted to become more popular. Car advertising becomes more and more popular by day, as people are trying to find new ways to make money.

Having people advertising on car, companies can usually get a very high exposure. Just because of one car, the company's advertisement can be seen by a whole city, gaining a lot of popularity at a very low price.

How does it work? Well, all you need to have is a drivers license and an age above 18. Having a car is optional, as there are companies that even give away free cars in exchange for publicity. If this last method is chosen, people will not be able to get a monthly salary, but heck, it is a free new car!

For advertising on car, people usually get about $400-$600 every month, depending on the size of the advertisement they choose to put on and the distance that is the driven every month. You can usually select from advertisements that cover a quarter, a half or three quarters of your car. As for the distance that needs to be driven, there are companies that only hire you if you drive more than a specific distance every month (usually 200-300 miles).

After getting such a job, you can continue driving as you usually do: to the grocery store, to your job, to school etc. Another thing you should keep in mind is that if your car is damaged or the advertisement is deteriorated, you must report it to the company that hired you.

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